Kids class is on Thursdays at 6:30!!!!
The JUNG MOO KWAN is one of 31 kwans officially recognized by the South Korean Ministry of Culture through the World KiDo Federation as being a "Kwan" (Martial Arts Training Organization) of traditional Korean Martial Arts. The Jung Moo Kwan was introduced into the United States by Master Wan Yung Chung in the 1960s. Today the U.S. Jung Moo Kwan Association offers training and rank in Kong Soo Sul (Korean Karate-Jutsu) and is directed by Dr. Charles Owens (10th Dan). Kong Soo Sul is noted for teaching the "hyung" and "punhae" (formal exercises and applications) of the forms derived from systems that are hundreds of years old, which feature reactive self defense postures and techniques, including both hard fist and soft fist applications, vital striking, pressure points, throwing, and joint manipulation