• This program is for any athlete in any sport that wants to get BETTER, getting better correlates with better training, more training hours, and harder work.
  • Training geared to provide athletes the opportunity to get faster, stronger, and quicker. To teach athletes the proper techniques and fundamentals of training, and to develop their motor skills to allow them to become better athletes.
  • Training will include plyometrics, speed exercises; explosion exercises- program will not involve weight training. Program is designed to increase athleticism.
  • Training will be designed and geared to help athletes in any sport.
  • Training will be provided by The SportsZone & Fun Center licensed coaches and trainers.
Training Cost/Schedule
*Enrolled athletes can attend an unlimited # of sessions
Program begins June 10th & ends August 8th
Program Cost: $90.00 (not monthly, for entire program length- 9 weeks, 36 sessions)
Individual Sessions: $6.00 each
Please call to schedule a session